Others Service Fee Charging / Hidden Fees

Content Update (per page)
If your web development package includes CMS modules, your can update content via your CMS dashboard. If you need us to help you update, you need to charge a handling fee.

Website Redesign (per version)
The web development plan provided by Synorex includes a one-time web design service. If you need to redesign the website after confirming the V1 of the design, we need to charge an extra design fee.

Embed Setup (per platform)
Like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and others.

Source Code Licensing (per project)
If the project is developed using an open source project, only a one-time migration fee needs to be charge. But if the website is developed using SaaS services, the code cannot be transferred.

Payment Gateway / Renewal (per company)
You can apply for third-party payment through Synorex. We will help you prepare documents and fill in all the documents required by the third party. We will charge a one-time service fee. Of course, you can also apply on your own, you just need to pay the fees required by the third party (some packages will be waived)

Domain Registration / Renewal / Bidding (per domain)
If you have a designated domain name registrar but need Synorex to apply, a service fee will be charged.

Server Maintenance (per IP)
We provide a third-party server maintenance service. If you want your website/system to use your own server (like AWS, GCP, Alibabacloud or others) but need Synorex maintenance, we will charge a monthly service fee (you must cover the source code copyright fee)

Other Charge Items

  • Responsive web design (RWD)
  • Progressive web apps (PWA)
  • All graphic design (e.g. Name card, UI/UX, Illustration)
  • Video editor (per minute)
  • Domain expired renewal
  • Third party service charge (per submission)
  • API integration charge (per hours)
  • Remote training fee (per session)
  • On site support fee (per hours)
  • Copywriting (per 60 words)
  • Content translation (per 60 words)
  • Remote desktop support (per hour per session)
  • App rebuild and republish (per version, per platform)
  • SMS API / Blasting service
  • WhatsApp Business API / Blasting service

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