How To Find A User ID In Telegram

How to Find User ID

On Telegram, you’ve got your Telegram ID, and then you’ve got your Telegram user ID. The former is the name that you chose. To change your Telegram ID, go to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and then go to Settings. The same goes on your mobile app, go to the hamburger menu, then go to Settings.

Finding your user ID, however, is a bit different. The steps are the same for desktop and mobile apps. First, open your Telegram app. Then, type “userinfobot” in your contacts search bar. If you can’t find this “profile,” try adding an “@” in front of the search query. When you’ve located @userinfobot, click or tap it. Then, select Start at the bottom of the chat.

By clicking Start, you’ve automatically entered “/start.” It will prompt the bot to display your user ID, as well as your selected first name, last name, and the language of choice.

You can prompt this bot to repeat the command by entering the “/start” command at any time.

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