What is PointoAPI? What can PointoAPI do?

PointoAPI is an application under Synorex ONE, which is mainly used by developers to speed up the development of projects. If you want to use it in general, you can connect it with Robocube’s products and use it. With PointoAPI, users can send SMS, WhatsApp, email, use online payment and use Upload function in Robocube […]

PointoAPI: SynorexAPI/LinkedIn/Share

简介 透过这组API可以直接使用最新版LinkedIn Share Link功能 定价  Price Standard RM0.0001 / request API对接 Param Example Remark api_keystring(32) API_KEY  urlstring(100) https://google.com titlestring(50) Hi summarystring(100) My name is… sourcestring(50) From…

PointoAPI: SynorexAPI/SMS/Send

Send SMS via API. Pricing Country Price (RM) MY RM0.10 API Params Example Remark api_keystring(32) <API_KEY> Generated new API Key via PointoAPI. tostring(30) 60123456789 Remove all symbol and spacing. messagestring(40) Verify Code: 1234 Make sure your SMS template has been approved.